Norwegian walkers launches documentary in Beirut

Last updated: 11.07.2011 // -Our goal is to make people think outside the box, say Matias Nordahl Carlsen and Jørgen Evil Ekvoll. The two young men have been walking across Lebanon, from Machta Hammoud in the north, to Tyre in the south. The entire trip has been well documented, resulting in a documentary series consisting of 14 episodes, each five minutes long.

Around 50 people turned up Wednesday to participate in the launch of the documentary series. The series will be available online sometime this fall.

The Norwegians have been walking for 18 days, but to pinpoint exactly how long is a bit difficult. -Lebanon is only 300 kilometers long, but we haven’t exactly been walking in a straight line. I estimate that we’ve been walking approximately 500 kilometers, says Jørgen. -We wanted to prove that it’s actually possible to do, and, of course, it’s pretty cool to have walked across an entire country, says Matias.

When the walkers are asked to sum up Lebanon in one sentence, they fall short. -Lebanon is extremely faceted. However, the thing that has left the deepest impression is the Lebanese hospitality. The way we are received everywhere. People are shouting at us from their porches, telling us to join them for coffee or dinner. We challenged ourselves to see how many coffee visits we could manage in an hour, says Jørgen laughing.  

Matias is an experienced hitchhiker, including hitchhiking from Norway to China, and from North Cape in Norway to Cape Town. -It was kind of frustrating to turn down all the people who offered us rides in their cars. I will call it a sort of anti-hitchhiking, says Matias.

The documentary makers are seeking to distribute the series in both the Middle East and in Norway, and are at the moment on the lookout for potential distributors.

For contact information and other info visit Walk of Causes’ website.


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