Photo: Sawrini - Elena Kukoleva.

Between the 4th and 9th of December, artists from different parts of the world gathered in Beirut for the international music festival “Beirut and Beyond”. Eleven concerts were held in different venues in Beirut, as well as one in Tripoli, expanding the music scene and empowering independent artists. Read more

The Maqamat Dance Theatre and Irtijal kicks off its new collaborative project titled “CO2 – Choreographers and Composers” Sunday 28th of September. Read more

Beirut and Beyond International Music Festival. 
Photo: Beirut and Beyond International Music Festival.

The first edition of the Beirut and Beyond International Music Festival funded by the Norwegian Embassy will be held in Beirut from 05-08 December. Read more

Photo: Petter Foss/MFA Norway.

The quiet village of Ebel El Saqi livens up every year in May when dozens of Norwegian UNIFIL veterans return to celebrate the Norwegian Constitutional Day together with the local community. Read more

Lovers of classical music flocked to the St. Joseph church in Monot last Friday to experience the prominent Norwegian Pianist Joachim Kwetzinsky. Read more

The Ibsen Scholarships are accepting applications from international artists interested in working with projects related to Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Read more

Zoukak Theatre Company portrays a group of actors controlled by a despotic director. 
Photo: Marianne R. Knævelsrud.

“In a way, one could argue that Lebanon is an Ibsen play in its own right”. The emerging artist collective Zoukak Theatre Company has used Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s work to voice a critical comment on aspects of Lebanese society today. Read more

Around 20 Palestinian women gathered last weekend for the first of a total of three workshops to prepare for the Atayeb Falastine launch at Souk el-Tayeb in Beirut, where they will present Palestinian dishes to the public. The Norwegian Embassy in Beirut is a proud supporter of the initiative and has given a total of 10.000 USD to the project. Read more

Mayor Erlend Larsen and Mayor Jihad Zebian signed a friendship agreement in Mazraat al Chouf.

The Norwegian Mayor Erlend Larsen of the municipality of Stokke in Norway recently visited Lebanon to sign a friendship agreement with Mazraat al Chouf. –We are building a bridge of friendship between people from different parts of the world, Larsen says. Read more

Bugge Wesseltoft and fellow musicians from around the world held a concert for refugees in Lebanon at the DRM in Beirut.

The atmosphere was irreproachable when renowned jazz musician Bugge Wesseltoft and five fellow musicians played for a group of Palestinian, Iraqi and Sudanese refugees at the DRM in Beirut. Read more

Photo: Arabi Hor.

Arabi Hor is a film project presenting short films about people participating in and influenced by the revolutions in the Arab world which started in December 2010. The Norwegian Embassy in Lebanon supports the project, which is executed by Itar Productions. Read more

-Our goal is to make people think outside the box, say Matias Nordahl Carlsen and Jørgen Evil Ekvoll. The two young men have been walking across Lebanon, from Machta Hammoud in the north, to Tyre in the south. The entire trip has been well documented, resulting in a documentary series consisting of 14 episodes, each five minutes long. Read more